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Tim Natusch tells all about preseason training!

Tim Natusch

How was the first week back at training?

Very tough!!! First day of fitness and weights testing wasn't too tough but it was a time to push yourself and compete against the other boys in the squad. The second two days of training was a shock to the system. Wrestling and contact straight away, where Peter Gubb and Ogey (outside backs) got injured. Its was good and a sign of a hard pre season to come. This will put the team and club in good stead.

What was the morale of the boys?

Morale? The morale is really good. We havn't trained with the back or colts yet, but I can say in the forwards everyone is getting on great. All talking to each other during the tough periods of conditioning training and competing against one another trying to get over your opposition during wrestle.

What is the pre-season goal prior to Christmas?

Get as fit and strong as you can and also creating team standards and coming together as a group.

How will Christmas be approached in regards to training & the obvious food battle that we all face?

I am going away for a month to America over Christmas. Razz(Luke Dalziel-Don) went for 3 weeks and put on 5kgs, so there are going to be obvious challenges. Have to put in as work before I go then try and do a bit over there so the hard work doesn't go to waste.