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Preseason 2014 in full swing!

wynnum manly QRL picMonday 11th November marked the date that preseason training kicked off at BMD Kougari Oval. With coach, Jon Buchanan at the reigns, all three grades started back and nothing was off the table. Monday night started with nothing less than a 1.2km time trial plus some skills and conditioning work.

Coach, Jon Buchanan seemed to be happy with with the efforts the squad was showing, "First week back was very good, players have ripped right into it from first session, the enthusiasm and energy in all our sessions has been very good. Everyone knows they must work hard for there opportunities."

Christmas is fast approaching and with the temptations that the festive season brings questions about the players slacking off or overindulging are always looming.

"The players will be tested before Xmas break and again after it. With targets that they will have to meet. They should enjoy the break and with everything in moderation. I know I will," said Buchanan.

"With only a month until Christmas break, our goal before Xmas is to get as fit and as strong as we can. Our football goal is bring a harder more physical approach to our defence as a club."